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Attractions / Things to do in Cascais

Cascais, Portugal is one of the paradises along the Portuguese coast in which you'll find golden sands, clean crystal waters.

In general the beaches in Cascais, Portugal are made up of golden sand, lots of great waves, and great beaches like Guincho, as well as other more calm watered areas. In Cascais you'll find beaches, isolated, urban and beaches surrounded by bars, restaurants and many different types of services oriented towards the growing tourism.

If you' re looking for restaurants with very good fresh seafood, I will advise you to go the restaurants near Guincho Beach. A very good one is called Panorama Restaurant, located in the dunes overlooking the sea and the mountains, on the road to Guincho, with renewed concept and décor, if you like a snack after the beach or a meal with a fantastic Atlantic fish and seafood at the best price, that's where we can find it!

 Another one but a little more exquisite is Porto Santa Maria Restaurant, it's located just in front of Panorama Restaurant in Guincho road.  

Other beaches to mention in the area are the urban beaches, like Praia da Conceição or Praia da Rainha. These beaches are located in Cascais urban coastline, they are all connected with a walk on the by-the-sea route, known has "Paredão", between Cascais and São João do Estoril, that has showers available for the visitors, water spouts, rest benches and good lights if you want to run or walk at night

  Wondering through the centre of Cascais is very pleasant and you will find charming houses, picturesque corners dotted with small cosy restaurants, cafes and shops, where you can rest until you feel like going on again. In other parts of the town you will find old palaces and luxurious villas with magnificent architecture which is worthwhile examining in detail. The Forte de S. Jorge (St. George Fort),  was once one of the coast's most important defensive structures and is now a military museum, you can find it on the road to Guincho.

 Cascais and Boca do Inferno  (photo) are very touristy spots. This nice village becomes overcrowded on weekends as locals from surrounding areas come here to enjoy the views and the sun. So if you're planning to visit, try to do it during weekdays, as it could prove more advantageous to you.

Let's talk a little more about Guincho beach, it was famously featured in the pre-titles sequence of the James Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service, wherein James Bond rescues Contessa Teresa de Vicenzo from a suicide attempt and foils off two attackers in the surf; the beach still looks as it did in 1969. More recently, the beach served as location for the shooting of This Side of Resurrection
Guincho one of the best beaches in Portugal. The only problem you can find is the wind. A good advice is to come in September and you will find Guincho like this.        www.facebook.com/ILoveGuincho

Just ahead behind those cliffs you will find Cabo da Roca is a cape which forms the westernmost extent of mainland Portugal and continental Europe (and by definition the Eurasian land mass). The cape is in the Portuguese municipality of Sintra, west of the district of Lisbon, forming the westernmost extent of the Serra de Sintra

After visiting Cabo da Roca you should also visit Sintra and its beautiful castles, monuments and magic spots. Sintra is known worldwide. In addition to the Sintra Mountains and Sintra-Cascais Nature Park, the parishes of the town of Sintra are dotted by royal retreats, estates, castles and buildings from the 8th-9th century, in addition to many buildings completed between the 15th and 19th century, including the Castelo dos Mouros, the Pena National Palace and the Sintra National Palace, resulting in its classification by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1995 (http://en.wikipedia.org).

While discovering Cascais, if you enjoy art, you should visit Paula Rego Museum that includes paintings and drawings by Portugal's most acclaimed living artist. 
Paula Rego was born in Lisbon but has been living between Cascais and London since the 1970s. In the British capital she married artist Victor Willing and was appointed the first associate artist of England’s National Gallery. She’s also considered one of the best living painters in Britain, and her works can be seen in several museums around the world, from the British Museum in London to the MoMA in New York. Her most valuable work is 1994’s “Baying” which was sold by Sotheby’s last February for over one million dollars (just over 740,000 euros).

The nightlife in Cascais


Cascais has a lively nightlife scene on the beach promenade. There you will find bars, pubs, night clubs, and discos where you can have a drink, or dance the night away.

Next to the City Hall in Cascais, Portugal and also in the Plaza Camoes, you'll find places to spend the evening. If you are looking for an all nighter, the bars and discos of the marina area are what you want.

Tamariz Beach 


Casino Estoril
Cascais Bay

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Guincho Sunset

Guincho Sunset